1. Boot WatchOCR as you would any livecd by putting it into your cd-rom, and restarting the computer.
2. Once WatchOCR is up and running, iceweasel web browser should automaticaly open with http://localhost/ in the address bar.
- This is WatchOCR’s control interface. Here you can define the watched folders that WatchOCR will monitor for new documents requiring OCR and the output folder for finished documents.
- All folder paths are defined as from the server’s perspective. (E.g. /home/knoppix/watchocr/scanin/ is on the local server)
- All folder paths must be read-writable by user www-data
3. Click “Start Watch OCR PDF Server” to begin processing documents.
Individual files can also be uploaded via the web interface for OCR processing.

Ubuntu Install

See the forums area here for a detailed howto on installing WatchOCR on Ubuntu.

HD Install

To install WatchOCR to the hard drive click on "KNOPPIX HD Install" under the preferences menu.

Knoppix HD install instructions.

To setup a Server using WatchOCR as a Network OCR service see this post.

Use WatchOCR over a NetWork Share

You may wish to share WatchOCR's service to workstations on your network in order to provide the service for multiple users.
The WatchOCR LiveCD provides its own shared folder on the network when booted. To connect to it map a drive using windows explorer to \\WatchOCRServer\WatchOCR
Then use the web interface at http://WatchOCRServer/ to start and montitor the service.

For more information on making watchocr a permanent network service, please see this post.


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